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Using an Air Purifier This Allergy Season: An Overview

Spring is just around the corner. Birds are out and about, flowers are blooming, and warmer breezes are starting to blow. This time of the year also means the winds are spreading around lots of pollen from trees and flowers. Spring showers not only help in plant growth, but also bring forth mold. Unfortunately, these … Continued

Reasons to Invest in an HVAC Preventive Maintenance Plan

An HVAC preventive maintenance plan, also known as a service contract or a maintenance contract, is an agreement between you and your local HVAC contractor where you schedule maintenance appointments for your heating and cooling units. It is usually a comprehensive inspection of your HVAC equipment, but other plans may include air filter replacement, refrigerant … Continued

3 Ways to Ensure a Pest-Free HVAC System

A proper pest control strategy is essential in keeping unwanted guests out of homes. However, one path these pesky critters can take is usually among the most overlooked: the HVAC system. Once they find their way inside the unit, they can damage the important components in which they are nesting or using to move around your home.

9 Reasons Your Furnace or Heat Pump Keeps Blowing Its Fuse

Your heating system, whether it is a furnace or an energy-efficient alternative heat pump, is an undeniably valuable asset during the cold and frosty winter months. If your furnace or heat pump keeps blowing its fuse, it is important that you respond quickly to figure out what the main problem is and get it taken … Continued

Why Is the Air Filter in Your HVAC System Wet?

In a standard residential space, the air filter in the HVAC system should be replaced every one to three months. This is a simple maintenance task that can be performed by the average homeowner. However, when you are trying to change the filter and notice that it is rather damp or moist, several questions may spring to … Continued

Scheduled Maintenance: Plan Options
Silver Maintenance Plan

Save 5% on parts and labor with the 1-Year EZ Silver Maintenance Plan.

Gold Maintenance Plan

Save 10% off on parts and labor with the 2-Year EZ Gold Maintenance Plan.

Diamond Maintenance Plan

Save 15% off on parts and labor with the 3-Year EZ Diamond Maintenance Plan.