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Clean Attics: How They Help Your HVAC Run Better

Unless you’re using the attic as a livable space, chances are you don’t spare the attic much thought unless you intend to store something in there. Unfortunately, this results in your attic becoming cluttered and dirty, and, once this happens, the efficiency of your HVAC unit can be reduced. With that in mind, it’s highly recommended … Continued

Recommended Indoor Humidity Levels for the Winter

Humidity is something that you can never avoid for your home. In fact, you need to keep the humidity levels in your home at a certain level. Otherwise, your home might become uncomfortable. As such, managing your home’s indoor humidity should be one of your priorities, especially during the winter season. But what exactly is … Continued

The Benefits of Ductless HVAC for Commercial Buildings

HVAC systems are an invaluable part of any structure, whether it is a residential unit or a commercial building. They’re a core part of these structures since they help regulate indoor temperature as well as air quality. In turn, this makes everyone inside more comfortable and productive. It’s also worth noting that there are many options … Continued

3 Ways to Spot an HVAC Scam

In this day and age, there are many HVAC companies offering their services online. In fact, you can even gauge the skills and credibility of a contractor via reviews, comments, feedback and project galleries. However, with so many services offered within the reach of your fingertips, how can you distinguish which is a legitimate contractor from … Continued

Why Is the Heat Pump Blowing Cool Air in Heat Mode?

Many households today rely on heat pumps and integrate them into their home’s HVAC system. They’re resilient, cost-effective and energy-efficient, provided that they’re installed and used properly. Since the winter season is in full swing, the demand for heating services is higher than ever. One of those reasons could be that a heat pump is … Continued

Scheduled Maintenance: Plan Options
Silver Maintenance Plan

Save 5% on parts and labor with the 1-Year EZ Silver Maintenance Plan.

Gold Maintenance Plan

Save 10% off on parts and labor with the 2-Year EZ Gold Maintenance Plan.

Diamond Maintenance Plan

Save 15% off on parts and labor with the 3-Year EZ Diamond Maintenance Plan.